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It's free, fast and smart. Scirus is the most comprehensive science-specific search engine available on the Internet, linking to more than 167 million indexed scientific pages and documents. With Scirus you can search through a variety of sources, such as Medline, ScienceDirect, BioMedCentral, preprint servers, patents and web sites relevant for your research.

Scirus helps you save time and speed up research. Enhanced efficiency and advanced functionality help you search on specific bibliographical information or within specific sources. The refine terms help you quickly select terms that improve the precision of your query.

Scirus is used by scientists, researchers, students, technicians, librarians, consultants and teachers all over the world.

Scirus won the WebAward 2004 for Best Directory or Search Engine and was chosen Best Specialty Search Engine in 2001 and 2002 by Search Engine Watch.

Read Kirsten Philipkoski's Wired article 'Turning Search Into a Science'.

Find out how Scirus speeds up your research at www.scirus.com

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General search engines like Google have changed the world of the Internet. But if you're looking for science-specific results, Scirus is about to change your professional life. We've made it our science to filter out non-scientific information. So you won't end up in a Tennessee attraction park after entering 'Dolly'. Evidence? Do the Scirus-Google test now. And find out how less leads to more.

Scirus offers you
= scientific results
= deeper searching
= valuable and relevant information

'I searched on the term "morpholino". It took two workdays to reach page 400 (4000 hits) out of more than 10.000 hits and I mined lots of valuable information. This is a much more effective science search engine than Google.'
Jon D. Moulton, Ph.D – Corvallis, Oregon, USA

'It filters out the garbage and gives results that I need.'
Marcus Harikian, New Horizons Trade School, USA

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